Course Code
(Since July, 2022)
Course Title Approved In
Course Code
(Prior to July, 2022)
CY101L Physical and Theoretical Chemistry 4 CY1101
CY102L Organic and Inorganic Chemistry 4 CY1202
CY103P Chemistry Laboratory 4 CY1204
CY501L Quantum Chemistry and Chemical Bonding 10 CY5101
CY502L Transition Metals and Coordination Chemistry 10 CY5103
CY503L Reactions and Reagents in Organic Chemistry 10 CY5105
CY504L Thermodynamics and Chemical Kinetics 10 CY5107
CY505L Main Group and Organometallic Chemistry 10 CY5109
CY506P Organic Chemistry Laboratory 19 CY5191
CY507L Principles of Spectroscopy 10 CY5202
CY508L Stereochemistry and Organic Synthesis 10 CY5204
CY509L Symmetry and Group Theory 11 CY5206
CY510L Bioinorganic and Environmental Chemistry 10 CY5208
CY511M Computer Programming and Numerical Methods in Chemistry 10 CY5210
CY512P Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory 10 CY5292
CY513L Statistical Mechanics 6 CY5022
CY514L Supramolecular Architectures and Molecular Machines: Fundamentals and Applications 18 CY5027
CY515L Introduction to Polymer Science 6 CY5021
CY516L Computational Methods in Materials Science 6 CY5023
CY601L Electrochemistry and Chemistry of Solids 10 CY6101
CY602L Applications of Spectroscopy in Inorganic and Organic Chemistry 10 CY6103
CY603P Physical Chemistry Laboratory 10 CY6191
CY604L Biomolecules and Chemical Biology 10 CY6202
CY605L Pericyclic Reactions and Photochemistry 10 CY6024
CY606L Chemistry of Heterocyclics and Natural Products 18 CY6025
CY607L Nanochemistry Principles and Applications 22 -
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