Dr. Chebrolu Pulla Rao

Retd. Professor

Areas of Interest

  • Bioinorganic Chemistry
  • Supramolecular Chemistry
  • Chemosensors
  • Cytotoxicity and Anticancer agents
  • Protein – inorganic hybrid materials
  • Protein coated nanoparticles & nanoclusters
  • Materials for drug storage and delivery
  • Enzyme mimics & Enzyme inhibitors


  • Ph.D., Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India.(1982)
  • M.Sc., IIT Madras (1977)
  • B.Sc., Andhra University (1975)

Professional Experience

  • Professor (July 2019 - Till Date ), IIT Tirupati
  • Chair Professor (2011 - 2019), IIT Bombay
  • Professor (1998 - 2011), IIT Bombay
  • Associate professor (1994 - 1998), IIT Bombay
  • Assistant Professor (1988 - 1994), IIT Bombay
  • Research Associate: IISc, Bangalore, 1982 - 83 (with Prof. C. N. Rao)
  • Post-Doctoral Fellow: Harvard University 1983-85 (with Prof. Richard H. Holm)
  • Post-Doctoral RA: Massachusettes Institute of Technology, 1986-87 (with Prof. Stephen J. Lippard)

Latest Publications

  • Dinda, S.K.; Upadhyay, A.; Polepalli, S.; Hussain, M.A.; Rao, C.P. Development of Nitrobenzoxadiazole-Appended Calix[4]arene Conjugate (L) for Selective Sensing of Trivalent Cr3+, Fe3+, and Al3+ Ions in Solution and in the Solid State and Imaging MCF7 cells by {L+Al3+}. ACS Omega, 2019, 4 (4), 7723-7733.
  • A. Narula and C.P. Rao, "Hydrogel of the Supramolecular Complex of Graphene Oxide and Sulfonatocalix[4]arene as Reusable Material for the Degradation of Organic Dyes: Demonstration of Adsorption and Degradation by Spectroscopy and Microscopy", ACS Omega 4 (2019) 5731-5740.
  • A. Upadhyay and C.P. Rao, "Porous, pH Responsive and Reusable Hydrogel Beads of Bovine Serum Albumin_Au Hybrid as Smart Nano Factories for the Removal of Organic and Inorganic Pollutants from Water: A Detailed Demonstration by Spectroscopy and Microscopy", ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces 11 (2019) 7965-7973.
  • D.S. Yarramala, P. Prakash, D.S. Ranade, S. Doshi, P.P. Kulkarni, P. Bhaumik and C.P. Rao, " Cytotoxicity of apo bovine α-lactalbumin complexed with La3+ on cancer cells supported by its high resolution crystal structure", Scientific Reports 9 (2019) 1780: 1-11.
  • Sirilata Polepalli and Chebrolu Pulla Rao, "Drum stick seed powder as smart material for Water Purification: Role of Moringa Oleifera Coagulant Protein Coated Copper Phosphate Nanoflowers for the Removal of Heavy Toxic Metal Ions and Oxidative Degradation of Dyes from Water", ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering 6 (2018) 15634-15643.
  • Bhawna Uttam, Ravinder Kandi, M. Althaf Hussain and Chebrolu Pulla Rao, “A fluorescent lower rim 1, 3-di-benzooxadiazole conjugate of calix[4]arene in selective sensing of fluoride in solution and in biological cells using confocal microscopy”, J. Org. Chem. 83 (2018) 11850-11859.
  • A. Upadhyay, R. Kandi and C.P. Rao, “Wheat germ agglutinin modified magnetic iron oxide nanocomplex as cell membrane specific receptor target material for killing breast cancer cells”, J. Mater. Chem. B, 6 (2018) 5729 - 5737. DOI: 10.1039/c8tb01170b.
  • R. Nag, R. Kandi and C.P. Rao, “Host-Guest Complexation of a Lipoic Acid Conjugate of Calix[4]arene with Pyridinium Moiety on Gold Nanorods for Mitochondrial Tracking followed by Cytotoxicity in HeLa Cells under 633 nm Laser Light”, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engg. 6 (2018) 8882-8890.
  • A. Upadhyay, R. Kandi and C.P. Rao, “¬An injectable, self-healing and stress sustainable hydrogel of BSA as a functional biocompatible material for controlled drug delivery in cancer cells”, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engg. 6 (2018) 3321-3330. {DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.7b03485}
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